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When I speak to people planning a holiday on Kangaroo Island, they often ask me "What is there to do on the island?" and "How long should we stay to see and do everything?" And just as often, when I say goodbye to my guests or meet other visitors to the island, I find that they have missed things they would have loved to see or experience - if only they had known about them.

Prompted by this, I have recently decided to expand our small business to incorporate the "Kangaroo Island Planner", a new service that has been specifically set up to give visitors like you detailed and up-to-date information on how to best use your time on Kangaroo Island - before you actually get here.

I have been living on Kangaroo Island since 1994, managing accommodation and group tour services, and during this time I have gathered a great deal of information about the island, which I have used in the past to give free advice to my guests at Kangaroo Island Holiday Units and Cottages, whenever they have asked for it.

This has been the basis for our new "Kangaroo Island Planner" service, through which you can now ensure that your experience on Kangaroo Island is everything it can be: when you join Kangaroo Island Planner, we will develop an itinerary for you which -

  • will enable you to use the time you have on the Island most effectively and efficiently,
  • takes into account the particular "make-up" of your group and its expectations,
  • includes a range of short, half-day and full-day tours, suited to your particular requirements.
Every itinerary developed by the Kangaroo Island Planner service will -
  • focus on areas of interest to you and/or your group,
  • give you a clear idea of the cost of touring around,
  • provide a description of each site on the itinerary,
  • provide details of the costs for each site,
  • suggest good spots for having a picnic or to buy lunch,
  • outline your options for evening activities.
In order to give you some idea of the range of things you can do on Kangaroo Island and the amount of time you might want to spend here, I have prepared a SYNOPSIS of what there is to see and do which should help you plan your visit.

Furthermore, as an indication of the excellent service we provide, I will send you, at your request, a PDF document which tells you all the basic things people need to know when they come and visit KI, for example, what Mobile Phone, Banking, Transport, Medical and Fuel services are available, what the road conditions are like, what you need to bring, etc. etc.

Your Kangaroo Island Planner itinerary will be useful for budgeting your holiday and will give you a clear idea of what to include. It is just a guide, however, and you obviously have the flexibility to include more in your visit or, indeed, reduce the amount of activity while here, depending on your circumstances.

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